Monthly Plan - Single - regular size


Email us your catering needs at

Get any 16 regular sized-meals of your choice at excellent value over a period of 4 weeks.


1.  Going on holiday?  Not a big fan of next week's meals?  No problem - you can skip up to 2 weeks with this plan.

2.  No commitment for further plans, no direct debits and no automatic renewals.  

3.  Once purchased, you will receive a voucher code which will enable you to place the order you want by Thursday midnight each week and choose the delivery timeslot of your choice of Sunday evening or Monday midday.

4.  Any meal variation that is normally offered at any additional price can be ordered as an extra during the weekly ordering process.

5.  In case we take a week or more off at Sakbeh, we shall announce so in advance and of course your right to any unordered meals will be pushed forward.

6.  Each weekly delivery needs to include at least 2 meals and not more than 8.