Catering for Open Society Foundation


-  6 plates of Hoummos (around 2 kgs)

-  6 plates of Mutabbal (Bab Gannoush Aubergines dip)  (around 2 kgs)

-  6 plates of Mouhammara (Red Aleppo pepper and walnuts dip)  (around 2 kgs)

-  90 Falafels (cold) with yogurt tahini on the side)

-  90 Kibbehs (cold) (lamb and bulgur croquettes)

-  Arabic pita bread assortment (white and wholewheat) 

-  Baklava assortment

-  Arabian Dates assortment

Above will be delivered in premium disposable and recyclable containers.  Serving Plates and cutleries not provided.

Date and Time:  6 to 6:30 pm on Monday Feb 12th