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For every Sakbeh we deliver in London, we will deliver a Sakbeh to a Syrian refugee child. That's our pledge.

We have partnered with the #sharethemeal app which enables us to donate daily meals to a Syrian refugee child. Their Syria campaign initially was for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon which ended.  For a short period time we donated directly to the WFP until recently when #sharethemeal relaunched a new campaign for Syrian refugee children in Jordan.  Anyone can track, see and join our donations campaign by following the #sakbehforsyria team on the #sharethemeal app.  

'Sakbeh' is a Syrian word that transcends the literal meaning of pouring food for someone. It is an act of sharing among loved ones; an act of kindness and generosity. Londoners enjoy our fabulous food, and at the same time a Syrian refugee child gets a much-needed meal.