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We deliver a selection of homemade Syrian meals once a week on your choice of Sunday or Monday.  Our menu changes every week.


1.  Order anytime between Monday noon and Thursday midnight


Every Monday at noon the menu for the following week becomes available on our website.  Order by Thursday midnight

2.  Choose your delivery timeslot


You choose 1 of 3 delivery options:

1.   Sunday evening:    8 pm -  9 pm

2.  Monday midday:   12 noon -  1 pm

3.  Anytime of your choice between 7 pm - 11 pm on Sunday or anytime between 10 am - 11 pm on Monday. 

Just send us an email at least 3 hours before you want your delivery indicating your desired delivery hourly timeslot (email us at info@sakbeh.co.uk). 

You then receive our Sakbeh chilled in microwavable containers.  

All our meals are freshly prepared on the day of delivery.  Order as many as you like to last you as much as possible through the week!

3.  Store your meals and heat during the week


Store the meals in the fridge and easily heat within 3 days.  Freeze for longer periods.

Alternatively, our monthly plans represent our best value; those are currently sold out but keep an eye out!