Our weekly menu will be put on hold in March as we are busy with several catering jobs

A. Ordering

I am lost.  How does this work?

We prepare a selection of different homemade meals every week and deliver in London in 1 of 2 possible timeslots of your choice on Sunday evening (8 pm - 9 pm) or Monday midday (12 noon am - 1 pm), and ship across the UK so you receive your meals on Tuesday. 

You choose any number of meals you wish with the variation that suits you along, noting that we have a minimum order amount of £20 or £30 in London, depending on your postcode as shown in the below section, and a minimum order amount of £50 for the rest of the UK.

Meal ordering starts every Monday at noon and make sure you order before Thursday midnight.  

Ordering of monthly plans can take place anytime.

We freshly prepare the meals within 12 hours of delivery.

What is the difference in portion size?

Regular Size:  For stews, the normal size includes a cup and a third of each of carbs and stew.  This is for one person.

Large Size: If you are feeling a little hungrier than usual, then go for the large size which is 1.5 times the size of the regular size.

Where do you deliver to in London?

Our deliveries in London are done through a third-party delivery courier company whose drivers pick the meals straight from our kitchens and deliver to your address. 

Our delivery covers most postcodes in London.  If your postcode is not part of our standard delivery zone below, then you can still order and receive your meals shipped on Tuesday. 

We have divided our London postcodes into 3 zones with different minimum order amounts, delivery fees and free delivery thresholds which you can view here:



Rest of the UK Shipping:

Minimum Order amount: £50

Delivery Fee:  £12.99 for orders between £50 - £100

                        £9.99 for orders above £100

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes if you order below our free delivery threshold specified for each delivery zone as shown above.  Delivery fee is calculated upon check-out and depends on your postcode.  Please refer to the above section for more details.

Why am I unable to check out?

This means your order is below the minimum order applicable to your postcode. 

Please check the above zone information for the minimum order amounts which is either £20 or £30 in London depending on the postcode, and is set at £50 for shipping across the UK.  If you are unable to checkout even after exceeding the minimum order, then please let us know by emailing us at info@sakbeh.co.uk

What happens if I am not available during delivery?

For London deliveries, please ensure you are available in your address at the dedicated timeslot you have chosen and have access to your telephone.  In the case that you are not available and/or unreachable in the timeslot you have chosen, the food could be wastefully discarded.

For the rest of the UK shipping, the shipped meals can arrive at any time between 8 am and 6 pm.  You will receive sms/email notifications from our couriers with options on what to do if you are not at home.  The couriers can leave the box with a neighbor, in a safe place or leave in your local post office for you to pick up in case they were absolutely unable to leave anywhere.  If the latter happens, please ensure you pick up your box by Thursday noon.  

Is it safe to pay on your website?

Yes it is.  Payment is processed through Stripe, a leading third party payment gateway and we do not have any access to any of the payment card information you enter.  

How are you able to ship chilled meals safely across the UK?

We have spent two months testing different shipping methods and state-of-the-art temperature-controlled boxes with coolant elements.  We are now able to use insulated boxes with ultra coolant elements that keep meals chilled for up to 72 hours during transit.  That way you are able to receive your Sakbeh anywhere in the UK and rest assured that they have been optimally chilled.

What is a monthly plan?

Monthly plans have been sold out for a few months now.  Keep an eye out on when they will reopen. 

B.  The Food

 How long can I store the food for?

The meals arrive chilled and can be stored in their containers for up to 3 days in the fridge.  You can store the food in the freezer for up to 1 month.

How do I heat the food?

The containers are microwavable, so all you need to do is microwave till it's piping hot with or without the lid on. For yogurt-based dishes, we recommend that you heat in an uncovered pot to ensure optimal taste as microwaved yogurt tends to dry and bubble up.  For dishes that have been baked like Oozi or Lahmeh Bil Sinieh, we recommend you heat in a preheated oven for a few minutes instead.

How do you source the ingredients you use?

Being in London allows us to use high quality foodstuff from many sources. We always use premium lamb for our meat and never compromise on its quality.  We grind our own Aleppo seven spice mix on a weekly basis to ensure the freshness and fragrance of our spice mix; none of the cheap prepackaged packets.  We have an open mind in choosing ingredients to resemble the taste back home and sometime even exceed it; we have recently for example started using Peruvian pomegranates which we found to be a lot sweeter than the Middle Eastern ones.  For some dishes we use Italian San Marzano tomoatoes which we found blend beautifully well with our stews.  We have tried over 20 yogurt brands in London and settled with only the best.  A lot of spices and herbs like sumac and safflower are plentiful in London, but difficult to find really good ones.  We ensure that we source only the best. Our pine nuts are 'baladi', the thin tall ones just like back home; we never use the small short pine nuts that are found everywhere in London supermarkets.  In perfecting these small details, we ensure that our meals are of high quality and bring out the best of our rich cuisine.

We neither use ghee nor vegetable oil.

I have a particular food allergy.  What do I do?

Our meal descriptions list many of the food items.  If you are in doubt and have any particular allergy, please send us an email at info@sakbeh.co.uk before you order and we will advise you.

How is your food packaged?

We use premium plastic containers that are microwavable, chill-able and freezable.  They are also dishwasher safe and you can use them for a few times after the first use.  For London deliveries we place them in recyclable paper bags.  Our shipped boxes are also recyclable and our coolant elements can be reused; use them for your next picnic!


C.  #SakbehforSyria

What is this all about?

Simple.  For every Sakbeh we deliver in London, we will deliver a Sakbeh to a Syrian refugee child. That's our pledge.

We have partnered with the #sharethemeal app which enables us to donate daily meals to a Syrian refugee child. Their Syria campaign initially was for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon which ended.  For a short period time we donated directly to the WFP until recently when #sharethemeal relaunched a new campaign for Syrian refugee children in Jordan.  Anyone can track, see and join our donations campaign by following the #sakbehforsyria team on the #sharethemeal app.  

'Sakbeh' is a Syrian word that transcends the literal meaning of pouring food for someone. It is an act of sharing among loved ones; an act of kindness and generosity. Londoners enjoy our fabulous food, and at the same time a Syrian refugee child gets a much-needed meal.