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About us - Sakbeh delivering Syrian food in London - Louai and Nadeen

Our Story

We are a married Syrian couple that have made London our home.

We have always felt that Syrian food had so much potential in dominating the culinary landscape, and so we have taken it upon ourselves to spread awareness of Syrian food across the world, and no better place to start with than in London!  

We are passionate about sharing homemade Syrian food across London - and you can rest assured that it will always be delicious and prepared with warmth.

Whether you are a hungry Arab Londoner craving your mama's dishes back home in Aleppo, Damascus or even Beirut or Amman, our comfort food will surely bring back memories of home.

If you are a fellow Londoner who wishes to explore the culinary delights of Syrian cuisine, then you are destined to a pleasant treat.

Why Sakbeh

'Sakbeh' is a Syrian word that transcends the literal meaning of pouring food onto a plate; it is a notion that is deeply rooted in Syrian values. You pour a Sakbeh of your food to your neighbors, a Sakbeh to your visitors to enjoy your food again in their homes, and you send a Sakbeh to that friend whom you know loves what you cooked that day.  

It is more than a simple act of sharing, but more of an act of connecting people through food; and this is what we are all about.

For every Sakbeh we deliver in London, we will deliver a Sakbeh to a Syrian refugee child in Lebanon. That's our pledge.

Anyone can track our donations which we make at the end of each week by following our #SakbehforSyria team on the #Sharethemeal app. You can also join the team. All donations are managed by the World Food Programme.

Nadeen and Louai

Food preparation at Sakbeh is managed by the two of us.  

Nadeen is a UK Registered Dietitian, passionate cook and a lover of good food.  Nadeen co-founded along with two of her AUB classmates 'Healthy Happy Us', a nutrition and fitness consultancy center based in Beirut which soon became a leading service provider in the Middle East.

She spends her time on a plane, somewhere between London and the Middle East supporting individuals and organisations in reaching their nutritional goals. Her client group ranges from homeless young people in London and Syrian refugees in Lebanon, to high-end clientele in London and all over the Middle East.  

At Sakbeh, Nadeen approves sourcing of all ingredients and ensures that all meals cooked are not only delicious, but also rich in nutrients, of high quality standards and free of any additives and colorings.  

Louai is a banker by profession and a food enthusiast by passion, who has traveled the world seeking culinary delights.  From fresh black peppercrab in Singapore, to Mozambique shrimps in South Africa and to early morning sushi in the Tokyo fish markets, Louai has tried it all.  But the dearest food to his heart is Syrian food and no matter how many new dishes he tries, his favourite meal remains the iconic Fattet Samneh from his hometown of Damascus.     

The Sakbeh kitchen team work under his direction and his techniques combine old school recipes, learned in his time spent in the rustic kitchens of Damascus watching his mother and grandmothers cook up comfort food, instilled with contemporary cooking techniques, having been trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London.  

Our meals reflect our own values; they will always be traditional yet sophisticated; authentic yet adventurous.  

Order now and let us pour you a Sakbeh!