Tickets for our next supperclub dinner '13th Century Syrian feast' on May 6th are on sale now

'13th Century Syrian Feast' Supperclub dinner - May 6th, 2018


Event Details

A magical evening of food, music and stories from 13th century Syria.  This event is part of our 'Civilisations Supperclub' series.  

There will also be a mini souq selling exotic spices and teas, vintage Syrian wine, an antique Damascene chessboard and Aleppo laurel soap amongst other exciting items.

Date & Venue:  7:30 pm on Sunday May 6th, 2018 at the London Canal Museum; 12-13 New Wharf Rd, London N1 9RT.  A few minutes walk away from King's Cross Station.

Suitable for Adults only +16

Food, music & a recipe booklet to take home

Imagine rosewater-infused dishes, musk-flavoured delights, seasoned lamb meatballs and of course the eternally popular chickpeas.  Guests will be destined to an eclectic range of dishes recreated from these ancient recipes while being serenaded with a live performance of Arabic Andalucian music from the same era.  There will also be the chance to savour Syrian wine predating the Syrian war.

Wine and souq items will be sold at the venue (Cash only)

Short stories about the food from this bygone era will be narrated in between courses and diners will leave with a recipe booklet so they can cook up their own 13th Century Syrian recipes at home, along with tips and interesting facts about this era.

The Venue

Evoking images of the riverbanks of the Barada and the Euphrates where Ayyubid imperial dinners were held, the supperclub dinner is housed at the historic London Canal Museum.  For groups of 10-12, you can also make arrangements to arrive to the venue by boat (contact us for more information)

Historical Context

Get transported back in time; much back in time, to 13th century Syria ruled by the Ayyubid dynasty founded by Saladin.  Before being vanquished by the Mongols, the Ayyubids ushered in great economic prosperity and revived a surge in cultural interest encompassing different areas; one of which was food. 

One of the most comprehensive ancient recipe books found pertain to this era, and taking inspiration from the exotic and now-extinct meals that were served in the imperial houses of Damascus and Aleppo, we present our second dinner part of the Civilisations Supperclub series.